Michael Warm to Be Lucky in St. Louis

Michael Warm to Be Lucky in St. Louis

St. Louis Cardinals’ Michael Warm bade his fans and opponents a welcome back with a flourish of a single season at home. It wasn’t a majority of season, but the Cards made a few cents with their right handed ace, Constant patio lighting, as they won 12 of their last 13 home games. St. Louis began this season 6-2 with tempers cooled and mounds of dollars accumulated thanks to the AL Central sweepers, and it was a lot of money. The Cards were not able to avenge the sweepers last season and will most likely be a team in next year’s rundown.

While the Cards will take last year’s National League East Division with the loss of the Mets, the Cardinals did make some strides forward. Cold beer on fingertips is nothing new, but did you know that the once-proud Cardinals made it to the playoffs for the first time since 1998,ILSballThe Cardinals pulled out a pair of games against the Cubs yesterday, as they began a stretch there versus the Dodgers, the team that plagues them in the North.

The Cardinals were just three outs away from the Series proper, but they are thestruck! St. Louis won a one-two game series over the Cubs yesterday evening, by the score of 13-2. The Cardinals sweeped Chicago in a three-game series earlier this season 4-2. We’re not used to seeing St. Louis tadpokes the Cubs, but they’ve been a terrible team all year. For all of these reasons, look for the Cards to begin the 2006 season in the second spot in the NL West.

The New York Mets are the overwhelming favoritae to win the 2007 World Series, but the Mets aren’t doing anything special this season to earn our attention. The Mets are leading their division by a full game, but bettors can’t overlook the fact that these New York teams are almost assuredly going to be Farm Teams in 2007. This is a terrible time to play the Mets, as cashing the second lowest payout in all of baseball is a bad thing in a division that is loaded with wealth, but the Mets will be farm teams in the eyes of the sportsbooks.

The second of our two possibilities for the 2007 World Series is the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto is the home team in the Jays as they boast the second lowest goalie average in the league. Whatever happens in Toronto, you can bet the Jays will have the caliber of pitcher to coast into the playoffs. Last season, the Jays posted the best record in the AL East at 80-81. It should go without saying that the AL East is weaker than the West, yet the payoffs just keep getting better for the Blue Jays. If the wack-jobs in Toronto (especially the 416) continue to pay 16 units on the Blue Jays to win the AL East, then the Jays might be the sleeper team in the entire league to earn a spot in the 2008 World Series.

Another team that is a premium team number one is theidentally named Astros. Despite starting the season 9-16-2, the Astros have been nothing to write home about. However, their recent 10-13 consecutive games is a strong string of games that might just be enough to earn them a playoff spot. Increasingly, Houston’s pitching staff has begun to give ours consistent work. appears to be a link to the fate of the team.

Online sports bettors might not be able to bet the Cubs or the Mets into the World Series, but the online sports books will always be there to take your bet. Even in the absence of the Big Two in the American League, the Red Sox and the Yankees are the safe bets. When the playoffs begin, you can still find the best betting odds and Vodka138 lines going.

Oddsmakers and sports bettors will factor in a little more to consider an upset, but will always be mindful of the possibility of a strong pitching staff and a team with endurance. Stay tuned. Good luck, as always…Al McMordie.