Battleships Slot Machine

Battleships Slot Machine

YOU SANK MY BATTLESHIP, do you remember that phrase? I do, and I recite it from time to time, because it is a saying that every machine out there thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, Battleships Slot Machine requires that you put in more coins than just a few, and if you don’t pay attention, you will end up spending more money than you should. I can tell you that it doesn’t take many coins to make a serious dent in these machines.

Your main goal is to make it through each reel, and unlike in video pokerrepublik where you can sit around and wait for a few cards to come, you need to keep spinning in this game to catch your winning symbols.   Eventually, you will hit the end spin and be greeted with the image of a battleship. REEL BUST. That is the end of the story except for the original battle, that is.

If you think that the Stars Spangled Banner is just a video game, you would be wrong. This game requires that you follow a plot to find six encrypted symbols on the 5×5 grid. During your play, you will notice that the symbols differ such as the menu symbols for each reel, the wild symbol, and the scatter symbol. During your play, you will try to uncover more of the plot, and the clues to unlock the encrypts.

The aspects of this game that makes it unique are the many bonus games that can be played after your initial spin is completed.  These bonus games are cleverly created and add life to your object of trying to get the six symbols. During your play, if you hit the encrypt button and the bonus round is completed, you will be given a number of bonus spins that you can spend. What’s more, you may be given additional spins that you have to win in the bonus round in order to move closer to the goal of encrypting the seven bonus spins.  Then when you are given the option to select your bonus number, choose wisely and make sure you pick wisely.

Bonus rounds are simple to play and there’s no need to remember any of the bonus game instructions. Even if you do play the original version of Battlestone, the bonus rounds make it slightly different, but the gameplay is the same. Essentially, to complete the bonus round and earn your bonus, you must Achieve a winning combination that varies in value depending on the initial amount of your wager when you began the bonus round.

If you’re not impressed with the bonus games offered, you can always try the Battlestone version of the game. While the other versions of the game lack the same level of graphics and features, the Battlestone version of Mount Airy is still fun to play and gives you that bonus goal you had after you completed the first portion of the game. While it may not be the same as the television show, the Mount Airy Slot Machine is still worth a look for its good graphics and the additional bonus game.  Enjoy!