How to Increase Your Rakeback Earnings

How to Increase Your Rakeback Earnings

There is a whole new world of poker players who want to learn how to increase their rakeback earnings. Earlier I said that most of the online poker players who play poker for a living are earning a high percentage of their rakes. If you are a new poker player then I can assure you that you are quite far from earning such a great percentage of your rake. The one and only way to increase your rakeback earnings is by gaining as much knowledge as possible on how to play poker online and also becoming a professional poker player.

The first thing you must understand is that the site you are playing on has many security measures. They can tell from the traffic which tables you are in, and they can also tell how many players are in each table. They can tell if you are an experienced player or a new one, and they can tell all this without you even knowing it. This is a little bit of information you cannot get anyplace else.

Many players swear by playing multiple tables. Every afapoker professional knows that you must play multiple tables to increase your rakeback earnings. If you only play one table at a time you will never achieve a high enough rakeback to make a living from poker.

The most successful poker players play no more than four tables at the same time. Having four tables open is a great advantage. As you play you will earn more money and giving back a part of your winnings will also increase your rakeback earnings.

But if you want to make a living from playing poker online there is one other way, and that is a great way to earn a good percentage of your rakebacks from the online poker rooms. In short you will not rely on playing more then one table at a time, but you will use an arbitrage approach and play all the available poker rooms at the same time.

In this “double or nothing” approach you will play Poker Sites in one window and the Poker Rooms in another. When you are in a particular poker site you will be making money whether or you win or lose the game. The big benefit of playing in the same poker room is that you can collect rakebacks from all the games you have played. Due to the competition on the internet you will not get this benefit from every poker room. However you will have a good rate of winning at all your games.

The best time to play double or nothing poker is when other players are not aware of the strategy. Try to play in the opposite style to other players. Suppose you would play tight when other play loose. Then you can play aggressive when the other play passive. While you play aggressive you will be raising a lot of hands as you play no limits. Hence you can collect a lot of rakebacks while playing tight.

There are many opponents who do not know the strategy and do not apply it. Hence you can win a lot of money by playing tight and winning the rakebacks. If you decide to play double or nothing poker just make sure that the other players are playing tight as well. Then you can increase your chances of winning the money in the long run. It is wise to start playing poker games with limited money and play games such as these often. This is because of the fact that you will not have to face real money opponents until you have sufficient funds.